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Strategy games offer an immersive experience where players take on the role of a commander, strategist or ruler who controls various aspects of the virtual world. They provide the ability to make difficult decisions, develop strategies and tactics, explore new territories, manage resources and fight enemies.

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Strategy games can be divided into several sub-genres such as grand strategy, military strategy, city building strategy, historical strategy, and fantasy strategy. Each of these sub-genres has its own unique features and game mechanics.

Clash of Clans

Join millions of players around the world: build your village, develop your clan and compete in epic clan wars!

Mustachioed barbarians, fireball throwing sorcerers and other unique warriors are waiting for you! Dive into the world of Clash!

Introducing Skeleton Park, a new metropolitan area with unbreakable barriers!
● Wreak havoc and destruction in enemy areas with the new graveyard spell!
● Throw the enemy into terror by bolstering your defenses with two new defenses - the Mini Minion Hive and the Reflector!
● Customize your player home and earn capital trophies in the Clan Capital Leagues!
● Tons of other new stuff, including the explosive Super Miner and a major obstacle shovel upgrade!

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Clash Royale

Welcome to the arena! Build a battle deck and fight in dynamic real-time battles. Real-time multiplayer combat game from the creators of CLASH OF CLANS with your favorite characters and more! Fight against players from all over the world!

Make a unique deck and go to the arena!
Use cards wisely to destroy the enemy towers of the king and princesses and win in a quick strategic battle.


Art of War 3

A unique RTS for the elite! This military strategy is for those who are tired of boring clones. For those who can think like a strategist, act in difficult combat conditions and make decisions worthy of a real commander. For those who are ready to fight, win and not retreat in the face of difficulties! Weaklings have no place here!

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Art of War 3: Global Conflict (AOW) is a real-time strategy in the best traditions of classic RTS,

Strategy games

Strategy games usually offer deep gameplay, varied features, and long game duration. They require analytical thinking, planning and strategic thinking from the players. Strategy games offer a unique combination of addictive gameplay and challenges that allow players to reach their potential as strategists and leaders.

Kingdom Rush

League of Legends

Among Us